Ruth Pearson
Graphic Design
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Taylor's Lovingly Made Cider

Crabtree & Evelyn Home Fragrance

Designed at Smith & Milton with Caroline Phillips. We created simple yet luxurious packaging for Crabtree & Evelyn's home fragrance range. Intricate illustrations by Johanna Basford hint at the product inside.
Our Shop

This is an identity i designed at Smith & Milton, it's for a new community run shop in a small Somerset village called Hinton St George. I decided to simply call it 'Our Shop', reflecting the sense of pride and ownership the community has for their shop, carrying this thought through to the produce they sell e.g. 'Our Jam', 'Our Vegetables', 'Our Shopping bag'

Warburtons Lunch Rolls

A simple, fresh pack design for a simple, fresh product. Designed at Smith & Milton.

Crabtree & Evelyn Food

Designed with Caroline Phillips at Smith & Milton. We delved into Crabtree & Evelyn's archive of illustrations to create individual patterns for each product. Using their heritage in a playful new way.

The Pizza Makers

A new brand i worked on at Smith & Milton. The Pizza Makers sell fresh pizza for you to bake at home. This raw and freshly made food proposition was emulated in the
brand communications.
London Poster

The brief was to design a poster to celebrate London. I based my poster around the tube map. By removing the lines, it gives the impression of a constellation.
Coco Chocolate

This was a branding, packaging and editorial project for a guilt free dark chocolate company. I used words with double meanings to show the hidden healthy message of dark chocolate

Tesco Value re-brand

A self initiated project to re-brand and re-package tesco value. The concept i went for was to show exactly how much more you get for your money with the brand. I used coloured bands to reperesent the food inside. The oversized percentages are there to grab the attention of money savvy shoppers.